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Multi-Step Program

This program doesn’t solve your water leaking issue but also provide a permanent solution, which prevents the problem from arising in the future. That’s why for the comfort and healthy life, we operate at the place with the following services,

  •  Hand excavates an inspection trench.
  •  Repair all foundation wall cracks on the outside.
  •   Apply heavy-duty industrial plastic to walls.
  •  Backfill and re-grade soil.
  •  Seal basement windows if needed.
  •  Repair all wall cracks on the inside.
  •  Open an inspection trench inside with our patented dust suppression system.
  •  Install subfloor drainage system.
  •  Open hole in corner of the basement floor.
  •  Install pressure relief pump system to effectively lower the water beneath the floor
  • Install ”Smart Power” to protect against power outage or pump failure.
  •  Install E-Z Breathe Ventilation System.
  •  Clean up and haul away all debris.
  •  Excavate any cracks continuing below trench.
  • Apply fibrated mastic sealer to foundation walls.
  • Install new subsoil drain tile packed in gravel
  • Seal any outside cement if needed
  • Inspect footers and reinforce if necessary
  • Repair all basement floor cracking
  • Install perforated plastic crock packed in gravel with “Safety Lid.”
  • Replace concrete floor where serviced

Some of the other waterproofing treatments available to us include,

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Expansion Joint Treatment

 Membranes Water Proofing

Brick Bat Coba

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Terrace Waterproofing

Elastomeric Polymer Coatings

Injection Grouting

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Balconies Waterproofing

Pressure Gaining

Lift Pit Waterproofing

Terrace Garden Waterproofing

 Heat Insulation

Adjacent Wall Waterproofing

Sunken Area Waterproofing

Silicon Filling / Coatings