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MCLEAN Waterproofing Contractors is a full-time basement and concrete waterproofing company. 

Providing the trained and experienced contractors at your place, we work using latest and recognizable methods. Our patent Multi-step program is popular among a large array of customers in the region.

Why Choose MCLEAN Waterproofing Contractors?

With proficient engineers, latest technology and waterproofing and flooding supplies from waterproofing center , the company offers crawl space waterproofing services. Moreover, our company has provided a wide range of services in ample of venues, be it a small home, local church, school building, hospitals, or any commercial place. We have always treated every project equally and has taken them as a challenge, which we strive hard to achieve. So, if planning to get the optimum solution for basement or any other concrete waterproofing, MCLEAN Waterproofing Contractors is the answer to it!

Some of the other services, which make us stand out from the crowd include,

  • Technical Expertise
  • Expert Support at all stages of the Project
  • Written Specifications and Warranties
  • Proven Track Record of delivering Successful Treatments

Area We Service

Specializing in both interior and exterior waterproofing, we have finest team and tools to repair the roof, floor, walls, basement, and various other areas in your building. We assure to waterproof the area, without damaging the other parts of the place.

Our Motive

The whole and sole motive of the MCLEAN Waterproofing Contractors is to offer quick and quality waterproofing services, which will simply help you get respite from all your water-leaking concerns in no time.

Also, we believe that customer satisfaction is what can help any company grow and excel in the right direction. Holding this belief, we have maintained and built hundreds of clients this year.