Snow Swimming ‘Twas the Night After Christmas 5 Reasons Santa Loves Newfoundland Someone loves snow Commonwealth War Graves, Gander Leave the Fracking Park Alone Trans Canada Highway

Snow Swimming

Neck-deep in a drift and kicking up a flurry… Jake and Cooper have a blast ‘swimming’ in the new fallen snow.

‘Twas the Night After Christmas

It’s become Christmas tradition for me to share this Newfoundland mummering recitation based on ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. This time there’s a brand new reading for 2013.

5 Reasons Santa Loves Newfoundland

Santa loves visiting us all I’m sure. He just love coming to Newfoundland a little more — here’s why.

Someone loves snow

I’m not really a winter person, at all. The one silver-lining(?) is that Cooper, my ridiculously handsome yellow lab, loves it. Seeing him happy takes a little bit of the sting out of the chill.

Commonwealth War Graves, Gander

The Commonwealth War Graves site in Gander, NL contains 100 graves of people who served in the World Wars. Click to learn more.

Leave the Fracking Park Alone

There’s been talk of hydraulic fracturing around Gros Morne National Park. I’m not cool with that. It’s on hold now pending an environmental review of the practice. Decide how cool you are with it — click the picture for some info on the process.

Trans Canada Highway

I think fall may be the most beautiful time in Newfoundland — the landscape really comes alive. I took this picture in Terra Nova National Park a couple of years ago. It’s not far from where I grew up.

This Site.

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This Place.

I don't need last names to know who Debbie and Toni-Marie are and I can find my way from Happy Adventure to Misery Point in the fog. My morning comes a half hour earlier and any day without 'RDF' is good. I've seen a mummer, tasted toutons and the image conjured by the word Dildo might be different for me than you because I'm a product of this place.electo-prod_bigger


This Guy.

Selfie Hi, I'm Robert. I don't always look this annoyed. I grew up In Happy Adventure, Newfoundland. I went to Memorial University in St. John’s. I currently live in Gander where I walk my dogs, try to stay on the good side of my cat, and workout faithfully.


01st Mar 2014

Funny ‘Cause It’s True

    This winter is getting pretty serious… even for those of us who are 6ft tall.

07th Jan 2014

Snap… Filter… Send!

“Gym budz.” Posted via Instagram

31st Dec 2013
Animated Gif

Happy New Year — Here’s A GIF

For some reason I’m making GIFs. Maybe the end of 2013 has made me nostalgic for 1998 (?) Or maybe this series of picture of Cooper playing in the snow...

30th Dec 2013


  Contrary to most of my weather-related remarks, I don’t actually hate snow. I do hate the burden it usually represents. I mean, who needs back-breaking labour that falls from the sky? Who needs...